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Giveaway Time – Room Makeover

How many times have you walked into a room and thought "oh god - how I wish I could do something with this room", well fear no more because I have the giveaway of giveaways to help with that. I have teamed up with Designer Spray to give you the ... Continue Reading

What does a Professional Organiser do?

This is a post I have been meaning to write for so long as it is one of the questions I get asked most.  What does a professional organiser do?  I can only tell you what I do - People have visions that I am someone who spends my life being ... Continue Reading

How my eating has changed for the better

You'll be glad to know my life is not all chia seeds and organic hen eggs that need to be sourced from the other side of the country to ensure you stay healthy! I eat chocolate and treats the same as everyone else, except the difference now is that ... Continue Reading

Why the gym is not how you get fit and healthy!

Weights, circuits, leg day, biceps and triceps, macros, chia seeds, protein, protein powder, HIIT, carb cycling, clean eating blah, blah, blah! Jesus I'm dizzy just writing it.  Ok, glad I got that line out and sorry for the slightly dramatic title ... Continue Reading