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My fitness journey – Where I’m at now

For some reason life doesn't seem to go to plan for me, but then again I have a funny feeling that's the same for a lot of you. As you all know I started The Body Coach back in January and I have to say from the very beginning found it overwhel... Continue Reading

The Body Coach – Week 3

It's Monday! hmmm not my favourite day of the week but I am focusing on being a half glass full kinda girl. My inner child is definitely that type of person but she clashes with the every day me! Anyway enough of that.  Its Monday so the end of ... Continue Reading

The Body Coach – Week 2

Wow I can't believe I am at the end of week 2 already.  Although ending a week on a Monday seems a bit weird.  Mondays are my session with my PT, Kevin at Energie Rathfarnham, where my measurements are all taken and so I tend to take my body ... Continue Reading

The Body Coach – Week 1

Well its Monday morning a week into the body coach and I am still alive, trust me thats good considering this day last week I was on day 3 from sugar withdrawals! Ah come on, how bad can that be? Well I had slipped into to some really bad habits at ... Continue Reading