About Me

IMG_7867Hi I’m Frances, a separated mum to 4 fab little people who keep me on my toes litterly. I am a massive fan of up cycling and getting a bargain and I am firm believer that you don’t have to pay a fortune for quality!

I’m here to share with you my tips on being organised. Would you believe me if I said I was naturally lazy? Well I am – don’t give me an excuse to sit down because I will take it. Being a mum of 4 doesn’t give you the opportunity to be lazy but it certainly can cause you to be stressed and life is stressful enough without the stress of being disorganised. So here I share with you what works for me on everything from home décor and DIY to menu planning and budgets.

I offer both product and consultation led solutions in the area of organization. Time is short and life is moving at a scarily fast pace but yet everything seems to be taking longer to do and the amount that needs to be done – every growing.

I show you tips and tricks and ways of being organised that allow you gain back that time you thought didn’t exist. Being organised is a habit not all of us find natural. The more routine you create, the fewer decisions you have to make, leaving more time for the important stuff!

You may think that getting organised is not for you, you may feel it as restrictive and perhaps even boring, but in fact the opposite is true. Most people perceive being organised as an endless amount of lists that have to be checked in order to stay on top of things but you’ll be glad to know it’s not. You will be amazing how subtle changes can make a massive difference. No two clients are alike and therefore no two solutions, every solution is tailor made. Trust me getting organised will give you time for other opportunities while ensuring that things continue to get done. Introducing habits into your life will ensure that you turn your personal mayhem into Organised mayhem.

This year, 2016 I have also decided to focus on my health, nutrition and fitness and you can follow me on that journey as I embark on educating myself on all the pro’s and con’s of it all.  After years of faddy diets, bad habits and the weighing scales, its time to create new habits.

So if you’re currently thinking where the hell do I start grab yourself a coffee and come join us. If you have any questions or would rather a kick start (one on one consultation) please feel free to drop me an email at frances@organisedmayhem.com