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When the opportunity arose to work with Blogger Louise Cooney I jumped at it.  If you don’t know Louise you can check out her beautiful blog here.  She is a Fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and until recently ran the blog while working full time.  She has since made the brave jump into blogging full time and I have to say is a natural.

As you can image as a blogger Louise has lots of products, shoes, clothes and equipment that she uses everyday not to mention the numerous deliveries she gets during week and the clutter was starting to get on top of her.  Surely there are only so many lipsticks and shoes you can have? well not as a blogger, products just keep on coming and keeping on top of it can nearly be a full time job in itself.

Louise currently lives in a stunning house with 2 friends and her space is in the attic with loads of natural light.  When I met with Louise her ‘want list’ was to have a space that felt less cluttered with ideally a space to work. If I’m being honest she struggled with how we could achieve this due to the fact there was already alot of furniture in the space – bring in more furniture?? are you mad?? It’s actually one of the elements I loved most about this project.  When I arrived the room did feel a little cluttered with alot of furniture in the space but with some clever re-arranging of furniture we were able to add more furniture to create a place for everything and create a feeling of space – I know mad but read away and you can see how we achieved it.

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So i set about assessing the space and working on what currently works for Louise and what doesn’t.  While Louise knows exactly what she has and where everything is, most things had a new convenient home every day – a nightmare when it comes to trying to be organised.  You should aim to create a space for everything and this in turn creates a natural system for organising.

The first thing I did was to zone the space.  In zoning your space you create a function in each space. I divided it up into dressing area, makeup area, storage area and work area. In the layout Louise had a large chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room to where her wardrobes were.  I moved her chest of drawers over beside her wardrobes, this created a natural space to get dressed in with everything to hand.  This allowed us move the bed a little more central in the room, creating the feeling of space.

Louise was currently using her bed as her office desk and her major wish was to be able to have an office desk.  With the chest of drawers now moved and a little more space created on this side of the room, i moved the Ikea Hemnes console tables as far apart as I could, giving me enough space to add an office desk.  I wanted to position it where there was lots of natural light and where Louise wasn’t staring at a wall –  under the beautiful velux windows was the ideal space.  It also broke up the long wall of storage.  Her stunning office desk is from Browsers Interiors in Limerick.  I also wanted to give Louise storage for all her paper files (the joys of being self-employed), pens, paper and other little bits. I got this fab little file drawer in Ikea.  It was a lovely white but we decided to bling it up a little and covered it in marble effect contact paper from Woodies. They do an amazing selction in Woodies everything from smoked to wood effect, a great way to completly change the look of a piece of furniture.  We added this stunning blush pink chair from Sostrene Grene Swords to add a pop of colour and to add some personality to the space (Louise has lots of personality but I wanted her space to have some too).


Shoe Storage
Shoe storage was another major issue in the room. Louise had two Ikea Hemnes console tables which she was currently using for shoe storage and while they are great for storage they are not the best for shoe storage.  So i decided to get an Ikea Billy Bookcase, I love these because you can add an extension piece which gives you extra height and you can also add as many shelves as you want, making it ideal for shoe storage.  Can you believe we managed to get 45 pairs of shoes along with some of Louise’s stunning bags on to it. Finally all Louise’s shoes had a home where she could see what she had and reach them easily – the kind of storage you want. We placed this over on the wall near her dressing area.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 00.29.20


Blogger Mail and everyday items
Louise receives alot of products on a weekly basis both for review and for client work and so we needed to create storage for the items she wished to test, keep and giveaway. We also needed to create storage for the items she used everyday herself between her make-up, hair, tanning products and hair tools.  I did this in two ways.  I ordered 8 of the Ikea Kvarnvik boxes in grey to fit my Hemnes table.  These allowed me maximise the space in the units and create great storage.  A clever trick is to take the lid of these boxes and turn them upside down and use them as trays on the top shelf. This helps make sure everything is easily accessible and that every single inch of space is used in a clever and stylish way.


IMG_1282Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 01.07.27

Make-up Storage
I wanted to create clever storage right beside Louise’s dressing table and so I used one of my favourite storage items from Ikea the Kallax. I added 2 lots of drawer inserts on the bottom which created great storage for makeup and I used the Kallax door inserts on top to create discrete storage for Louise’s hair dryer, hair tools and larger items. In the drawers I used the Ikea Godmorgon storage boxes which are so handy and fit so neatly.  The Kallax is nice and deep which gave us great room on top for Louise’s Her Clutter Box and a box to hold all her every day items.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 01.06.20

And the Rest
We added some clever Ikea Skubb boxes to the bottom of the wardrobes which gave Louise storage that she could group into their different boxes, these are so easy to access with a handle running the length of the front. You won’t believe how much extra storage you can get by using these boxes at the bottom of a wardrobe. We added an Ikea picture ledge above Louise’s bed to showcase her much loved prints.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 01.07.09 Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 01.06.51

Ikea is a brand I use a huge amount with clients.  Its sturdy and so cleverly designed and my favourite bit is how versatile it is.  However,  there is one downside and that is having to do the shopping and then putting it all together. But guess what there is a company that take all that stress away. Jonathan from www.flatpack.ie took all the stress out of it for us.  He collected the items from Ikea, delivered them and then assembled them in about 1/4 of the time it would have taken us. Seriously, if you are purchasing from Ikea Jonathan is a wise investment not only for your time but really your sanity.


I did reach out to Ikea Ireland to see if they wished to collaborate with me on this projet and they kindly agreed so all the Ikea items used were kindly provided by Ikea.  Louise made the job so much easier by having complete trust in me and I have to say I loved working with her.  Here’s hoping she loves her new space and all her storage.

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