How my eating has changed for the better

You’ll be glad to know my life is not all chia seeds and organic hen eggs that need to be sourced from the other side of the country to ensure you stay healthy! I eat chocolate and treats the same as everyone else, except the difference now is that I eat them as treats and in moderation.

I have written previously about my relationship with food here.  So this year I set about changing my relationship with food for the better in conjunction with training.  I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was going with my eating, lack of energy, mood swings and my bouts of depression. I wasn’t fooling myself with regard to my eating and I was conscious that I had 4 little people living with me.  So it was time to take responsiblity and make some positive changes.

Before I go into detail about how my eating has changed I need to stipulate that I work off macros.  Macros are a breakdown of Carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  The reason I do this is because I do weight training.  There is no point in doing all the training i am doing if I am not fueling my body properly and that is why I train under Robbie Totten.  He creates my training programe and has decided my macros after about 6 weeks of monitoring my eating and adjusting them we have a formula that works.  My macros are only good for me and thats not me being selfish.  It’s like you having the flu and me giving you an antibiotic I have received for a chest infection – its not going to work (not sure its the best analgy but the best I could think of). The only reason you need to consider macros is if you are weight training.  Otherwise you can work of calories consumed each day.  Again this is something Robbie will be covering in a further post.

I train 3-4 days a week and I do 5k roughly 6 times a week.  Training days are only considered the days I train in the gym.

During the week I train early in the morning, 6:30am.  When I first started training I used to just do HITT (high intensity interval training) check out The Body Coach on You Tube, he has hundreds of videos up there and they are brilliant. On those days I used to train fasting.  They recommend when doing just cardio that doing it fasting gives you the best results.  Now that  I do weights, I have a protein shake before i train. i’m just not able to eat food at 5:30/6:00 am.  I’m hoping in time I will but this is all a learning process for me.

I’ve gone from eating breakfast maybe 2 days a week to now eating breakfast 7 days a week.  My eating works off an 80/20 rule. 80% balanced and good food source and 20% gets to be my treats.  I have 3 good meals a day with 2 snacks.  I am still learning and like everyone I have some amazing days and not such good days but the longer I’m doing this the less bad days I have.

I try to eat as little processed food as possible.  Like Robbie suggested I worked on each meal at a time instead of trying to over haul it in one go.  Breakfast was the biggest change for me.  Dinner always tended to be good, but I now know I don’t need to have potatoes, rice or pasta with every meal.  Meat and veg is perfect and so tasty and filling.

Since reducing my processed food and high sugar foods from my diet I have noticed a big change in my mood.  I no longer have those sugar spikes, or those intense sugar cravings.  I still have plenty of treats.  I eat 70%+ chocolate, frozen yogurt, rice cakes with cleantella and banana.  If I want chocolate cake I can have it, there is nothing I can’t eat but now I am making choices and not feeling like i am missing out.

My relationship with food is a work in progress but good progress.

A fabulous nutritionist will be contributing to the blog starting next week.  She will be here to answer all your nutrition questions.

I post most of my food over on my Instagram account Organised Mayhem but here is a visual of a typical day for me.  How much better does this look in comparison to my old typical day which was, a chocolate croissant for breakfast with some crackers with soft cheese for lunch (if I even had lunch) and then dinner would be a good dinner but it would be followed with a cuppa and half a packed of biscuits!

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