Can I really achieve better health and fitness with my busy life?

Firstly let me begin by saying a massive thank you to Frances Crean for inviting me to write this article for her blog. I am honoured to be able to not only contribute value to Frances through online coaching but to be able to speak to you guys and hopefully create some high quality evidence based content that will bring true value to your lives and help you on your own missions in life.

A quick Introduction: Who am I?

My name is Robbie Totten, I am 25 years old, and I am an Online Personal Trainer and Coach. I have been studying Health and Fitness, Training and Nutrition since I qualified six years ago with the European Institute of Fitness. I am currently studying under one of the greatest minds in the UK Phil Learney and his Advanced Coaching Academy. I am getting married to Ami in February 2017 and I have a beautiful daughter called Emily who will be two in August.

Why has he told us all of that some of you may be thinking. The reason being is I want each of you to be able to build up a rapport with me so that you can connect with the content more effectively and be able to have confidence in what I will be delivering.

So let’s look at the title of this article and begin to unravel it. Can I really Achieve Better Health and Fitness With My Busy Life? The simple answer is irrefutably YES. You 100% can achieve better fitness, better health (both physical and mental) and a better quality of life and fit it into your unique set of circumstances.

The main issue that myself and Frances have been addressing and I am sure each and every one of you have experienced is information overload. Years ago before the Internet really blew up people didn’t have the option to go online for fitness information. People relied on perhaps books, magazines and word of mouth. Nowadays the internet is an immense base of information. The problem is there is more misinformation than quality content. A lot of what you will read will have little scientific evidence to support it and more often than not there will be a lot of contradictory advice. This leads us to a state of ‘Paralysis by Analysis’. You end up bombarded by so much content that you end up doing nothing because you are scared to make the wrong choice. Does that sound familiar?

In reality getting fitter and healthier is actually a lot simpler than what people believe. There is an endless list of arguments and myths in the world of health and fitness that go round in circles for example: to do fasted cardio before breakfast or not, HIIT training Versus Low intensity, Cross fit Versus Bodybuilding, carbs after 6 pm make you fat (they don’t), you must eat chicken and broccoli 6 times a day (rubbish), and hundreds more after this.

Over the coming months I will shine a light onto all of these grey areas for you and bring evidence based clarity to them so that you can put all this misinformation to bed and start making the progress you deserve knowing you are on the right path.

The average member of the population, who leads a busy life and simply wants to improve on their current level of health and fitness, drop a dress size or tighten up before a holiday needs to keep their approach simple and start by changing one or two aspects of their life a week that will be sustainable and build from there. For example from now until my next article in about 3 weeks let’s look at 5 things you can start to implement that are easy and will start to improve your health and fitness.

  1. Write Stuff Down – take a piece of paper and start to record what you are eating and drinking for a week. No matter what you do in life you need to know your current baseline before you can start to improve on it.
  2. Change and Improve ONE meal per day – After you have taken stock for a week follow this up on your next week trying to replicate your current diet but aim to change and improve ONE meal per day. Once this has been implemented you can look at other areas to improve too.
  3. Drink More Water – Water makes up about 60% of a man’s bodyweight and 55% of a woman’s.
  4. Improve your sleep – Improve the quality of your sleep by putting down phones, laptops and tablets. The light emitted from these devices has been proven to miscue the brain and promote wakefulness. Sleep can be hard to come by for many of us, especially with young children so make the most of it when you can. This is when our bodies relax, recover and heal.
  5. Walk More – Walking is excellent for overall fitness, it is low impact and it helps to clear your mind and relive stress. Aim to have a brisk walk (30-60 minutes) 3-7 times per week.

Over the coming months we will look at many areas including but not limited to health, nutrition, training in the gym, training without a gym, motivation, discipline and mindset for success. Each article we will look into the main topics of confusion and provide you with the necessary information you can take home and implement into your daily lives.

I hope you have enjoyed this first post. If you have and you have found some value in it please get involved and leave your comments and any questions you may have for future articles.

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I will leave you with a quote of mine,

Positive Action Breeds Results

Yours in health,

Robbie Totten


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