A little change of colour – My new(ish) couch covers

Over the last 15 years I’ve gone through every imaginable style of sofa; from leather, to corner, to suede and even to a bright orange (not my best decision – it was also our most expensive sofa!!) but my favourite of all has been the Ikea Ektorp. When I purchased mine about 7 years ago, there was 20% off the sofas and the covers with a massive price difference between the white one and any other colour.  With white being all that fitted my budget and a real want for the sofa, I decided to do some research and discovered that they washed really well, with many fellow mummy bloggers commenting on how they were actually ok even with kids, provided they didn’t autograph them with permanent marker.  But seriously, white couch covers with 4 kids? Hmmm, I was yet to be convinced.


Ikea ektorp in white


My love of the sofa only grew the more I thought about it and, to be honest, white (it’s more of an off-white) wasn’t my favourite colour, my favourite was grey.  Oh how I loved the linen in grey, just not the price tag.  So with my budget firmly set and a need for a 3 seater and a 2 seater, I decided to go with the white covers and hope I wasn’t going to spend every waking moment screaming at the kids “stay out of that room”, “have you washed your hands?”, “food in the living room! – have you lost your mind?” or “sweet jesus is that chocolate in your hands and you sitting on the white sofa?” I could almost hear myself saying these things before I handed over the money. It’s like that pair of shoes you tried on that are a little too small and a little too high and a little too expensive, but yet you convince yourself your life will be complete it you have them (we all know those moments).  Sure, worst case scenario, I could save up and buy the grey ones – couldn’t I?

classic style low price__ikea_ektorp_sofa_PE374445_1060x550

Well, I have to say the kids didn’t end up too scared of me repeatedly giving out and a spin in the machine with some Vanish and bleach always brought them up as good as new.

Last year, while making some changes to the sitting room, I decided I really wanted the grey covers, but coming in at a price tag of over €500 that wasn’t going to happen. So off I went to one of my favourite sites Adverts.ie and popped in my search for IKEA and after a couple of days a lady posted an ad for a beautiful set of grey covers for a 3 seater. I couldn’t believe it and a bargain at only €40 but I haggled and got them for €30 in the end.  They were spotless and almost brand new, only a couple of months old.

For a while in the sitting room we had one sofa in off-white and the second in grey and while it looked lovely I always wanted a second set of grey covers. So recently, while looking on Adverts for some furniture for a client, I came across a brand new pair (can you believe it!) for €50. These can be over €200 brand new – so bargain!

Both cushions for sitting room

So here are my fab sofas now with their new covers.  The grey cushions I picked up in Harvey Norman last year. They were another bargain, half price at €11 and feather filled.  The grey and white covers are from Penneys and I filled them with duck filled cushions I picked up in Harry Corry Nutgrove for €7 each.  I always try to fill my cushions with duck filler to ensure they never lose their shape.

Not bad for €80.

grey covers image 2




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